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DIY Recovery

1415208695060Hello! and…

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I hope you all are finishing up your Hump Day strong and happy.

Unfortunately, I have involuntarily caught a cold. The cold was thrown at me by surprise. At this point, many would turn to their medicine cabinets and consume the “best” medicine. Medicine that would make one feel drowsy, even though it states that it would not. Medicine that says, “come back every 8 hours, sweetie,” and has you chained to the clock. Medicine that does not only break down your cold, but will break you down as well.

As I got older, I began to grow distant from medication. I truly wanted to give my body the best medications.

Today, I have been making myself hot cups of tea with a scoop of honey. I made green tea since it’s my favorite. The steam from the tea felt quite soothing in that it loosened up the nasal passages, allowing me to breath easier. Green tea, specifically, is filled with antioxidants, which will boost the immune system. The honey added a perfect touch of sweetness and the antibacterial fighting action my body needed.

I sipped this slowly while my homemade oil diffuser worked its magic. Oil diffusers could be so costly when bought in stores. However, I just “Googled” and found ways to make one on my own! I added droplets of peppermint oil in mine. My whole house smelled of fresh peppermints. Each inhalation brought relief to my body. My senses were both awakened and put at ease at the same time. Does that make sense?1415208583652

And like all medication, there are side effects. I certainly did experience a side effect.

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I had my daily fix. What was yours, darling?

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Not So Sorry

The dreaded cold has caught me. Tag, I’m it.

I apologize for not producing a lengthy post today… But I do not apologize for taking care of myself. Listening to myself. Loving myself.

Rest is a what I need. Rest is what I want.

Sometimes, we just have to go back to the  basics. Tonight, sleep is the perfect fix.


I’m going to have my daily fix. What was yours, darling?

Keep Going My Friends


One Big Pot with the Warmest Ingredient

1415070304840New York is certainly feeling the chills these days. The cold weather has finally come and is comfortably settling in.

With this cold weather here, we think of all the ways to keep us warm and cozy. We think about smelling that cup of hot chocolate with that magical sweet aroma that could make many an addict. We think about that big bowl of warm soup and how each spoonful seems to give us new life again. We think about the thick, soft sweater that wraps around us to keep us safe. Safe from the cold. But do not forget what, or who else could be wrapped around you to keep you safe and warm. Family.

During the winter, my family and I love to Hot Pot for dinner. Hot pot is quite popular in the Chinese culture. It consists of a big pot of boiling flavorful stew, and a variety of vegetables, meats and seafood in which you cook in the stew.

Oh, and most importantly, it consists of gathering individuals together to eat as a family.1415070336430

The time required to hot pot is extensive. There is a lot of food, and food is cooked in portions, little by little. But that is not a problem. Why? Because the more time we spend at the dinner table, the more time we spend together talking, sharing, laughing… loving. Tonight it was not only about feeling warm on the outside, but on the inside as well.

I had my daily fix. What was yours, lovely?

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